Parents Comments

Thank you for guiding and directing me through Maths! I could not have done this without you. Love, Jade xoxo (Grade 10 learner)

I know it’s late right now but it’s never too late to thank you for what you have done for me. You have been the means of finding my destiny and pursuing it. Not only did you teach me Maths but the lessons of life and how I should see opportunities as I’m about to enter a new stage of my life. My mind is nourished with the knowledge that you have given me. You mean more than a teacher to me. I feel like your child as you treated me like a mother. Once again, thank you!!! Lesedi (Grade 12 learner).

Very few people play a vital role in uplifting the youth and going beyond. Thank you for your care and involvement with our son’s life. Don’t ever change. Thank you for being one of the pillars in Tyler’s life. You make a difference. Grant & Melanie (parents of grade 12 learner Tyler).

Thanks for the amazing work with Jade, you have made such a difference and impact to her and her Maths. Justin (parent of grade 10 learner, Jade).

Thank you for all your guidance and care. Love Leah (grade 12 learner).

Hi Sue you are a life saver. Much love. Carol

Thanks for everything. Much appreciated. Be blessed. Noma

Thanks so much. Allison Gaby mom

Thanks Sue, you have been amazing, Audrey.

Thanks Sue for all you have done for our kids. There is no real payment. Leyya

Hi Sue I must brag and its all thanks to you. Erin got 75% for Maths exam. She also got 84% for her test. All thanx to you. X You are my hero!!! Charmaine

Hey Sue, thanks to you Kirsten has increased 30% in Maths. X Stephanie

Dear Sue

You have given Alayka so much confidence and a “LIKE” for Maths that she wanted to attend Maths on Sunday as well. She looked for every opportunity to calculate compound interest wherever we went.Thank you so much.


Hello Sue

I hope you are well.Thanks so much for all. JAROD WILL BE THERE TONIGHT!
I wanted to message you after Jarod's lesson yesterday.... I just want to let you know how relieved I AM to hear MY 5 children say they understand and know their Math’s THANKS TO YOU!!!
I had tears in my eyes when they told me, but won't show them how much it stresses me that they battled for so many terms and an ANGEL, YOU, has been sent to rescue them.... & me!!!
Therefore, this is a message of thanks and gratitude.......... from the very tips of my toes to the top of my head! THANK-YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Have a great day further.
Regards, Trisha

Hello Sue

Thank you and also for taking the time to assist our little angels with their Math’s, here’s hoping they do well! Regards, Eleni,

Chrissie's mom

Hello Sue

Yolanda passed Math’s this term. She also improved on other subjects as well -that shows she's gaining her self-confidence. Thanks for all your help. Nellie

Thank you so much for all your help. Really appreciate it. Lucille, Keane's mom

This is all to your have given him back his confidence and belief in himself. He is so confident and I'm loving this new him and hope it stays like this and more importantly, he passes. Unathi, Khanya's mom

Hi Sue

Thank you so much. He relaxed a little this afternoon. He is studying now. Thanks for playing such an important role in Cameron's life. Julie-Anne

Thank you. Laken is more confident than she has ever been before. I'm sure she will show a remarkable increase this term. Thank you for all your hard work!! Thelma

Thank you!!! All thanks to you!! Margaret, Collen's mom

Thank you for the exercise papers. Nthati sounds a lot more confident about her performance in the past Math’s paper ,all thanks to you. Nelly

Julie-Anne Scott MATHS: Good Morning. I conveyed your message and Cameron seems to be quite proud of himself. He said he knows his Formula's off by heart. Will let you know how it goes. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into Cameron. You are making such a huge difference in his life, it is unbelievable. We appreciate it more than words can describe. Julie-Anne

Wow Sue,

if ever I had any reservations about the extra lessons it is now put to rest. Thank you so much for putting in so much of effort to get the kids up to scratch. You have really been amazing to our kids. Leya, Chloe's mom

Thank you so much for the support, Nthati gained a lot of confidence as well. Nelly

Hi Sue, Thank you, you have been so wonderful with our kids, you deserve a medal. I will let you know as soon as he gets his results. Regards, Ana, Jason's mom

Good day Sue

thank you very much for the encouraging words. It makes one feel very relieved to know that there are people like you who is there always to encourage our teens.
Kind regards, Tumi, Oratile's mom

You are a God send Sue

I truly appreciate the effort you are putting into my son. Thank you. You are the best Sue . You have changed Khanya’s world for the better. You have instilled confidence and a CAN DO attitude towards his schoolwork. Unathi, Khanya's mom

Dear Sue

Thank you for all you have done for us.......
Richard has a better understanding of the Math’s, and that I can promise is because of your assistance.
I would like to pre-book tutoring for next year if that is possible. Please keep a spot open for him? Kind Regards, Karen

Thanks to you for your dedication!!! Thelma, Laken's mom

Hi Sue

thank you for all your hard work and support with Luke. He has enjoyed it so much. I still can’t get over him going every week without complaining for something that is school related. Joanne

Dear Sue

Thank you for your e-mails. I have just spoken to Katelyn and she said that her Math’s exam went much better than she expected, she did battle a little with functions but feels that it still went well.
She enjoyed your lesson so much on Sunday and said that she wished she had been with you for the whole year. I will send you her results. Thank you so much again for opening a class – much appreciated. Kind Regards Brendalee

Hi Sue

I also just wanted to thank you for all you have put in with regards to the extra math, Sheraaz’s whole approach to math has change 180 degrees. He is excited and has developed that love he lost for math. Personally I want to say you ROCK we are so excited for his report and future. Thank you for making a difference in our family. Appreciate you big time. Ellen

Hi Sue

Good way to pay it forward Sue. There is no doubt that your kids love you, I know both my daughter and I do. And the few people that I have recommended you to them have seen major results and are so grateful. You still teaching (thank goodness) and the kids that you have touched personally with your passion and your knowledge will be changed. They say if you do what you love it's not work. Leya